Story about Cian Byrne’s free-taking shows the measure of the young man

Both Keith Rossiter and Ed Rowsome were the guests on this week’s The Wexford Hurling Podcast

They spoke about Wexford’s dismal loss to Westmeath, the u-20 loss to Offaly in the Leinster final, and discussed some of the pitfalls of the the current set-up of Wexford’s Club Championship.

Speaking on The Wexford Hurling Podcast, Keith Rossiter, who was the u-20 Wexford hurling manager this year, told an excellent story about Wexford u-20 hurler, Cian Byrne, which really highlights the character of the young man.

“We were playing Westmeath in a quarter-final up in Cusack Park. It was nip-and-tuck for a long time. The frees were not going well for him. He missed a couple and we were under a lot of pressure. Westmeath were doing a lot of fouling, but we were getting a lot of frees. A decision was coming down, ‘are we going to take Cian off the frees?’

“A free came, about 65 yards out, shooting into the Dunnes Stores end goal up in Cusack Park.”

“Some of us were looking to see if Jack Redmond would hit the free. I looked over, and Cian was about the pick up the ball, and I looked at Jack and said ‘Jack’, but Cian looked over and he said ‘I hit the free – I hit the free’. I said ‘yeah, you hit the free.'”

“Then, he nailed the free – and he got one after, in a tricker position, and he nailed it – about 70 yards out. So, after missing a couple, he still got the two vital frees we needed to keep us ahead. He had the confidence and the character to go and do that, and it just shows the type of player he is. When the crunch ones came, he still had the confidence to put them over the bar.”

The full The Wexford Hurling Podcast can be listened to here.

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