Ranking Wexfords Top 5 GAA Jerseys Since 2000

With thanks to PrideInTheJersey.Com, we have a terrific platform to rank Wexford’s GAA jerseys since the turn of the millennium.  

Over the past seventeen years, we have become accustomed to the county’s regular jersey change.

As seen in the image below, since 2000 the Model County have changed their jersey a total of 22 times and this article aims to rank the top five.

Screenshot (233)

Number 5: The 2005 jersey

Number 4: The 2008-2009 jersey

Number Three: The 2000 jersey

Number 2: 2014-current

Number 1: The 2001-2002 jersey. Simply beautiful. 

Notably, no sports-savers jersey made the top five even though they were sponsors for five years. Overall, we felt the distinct blue and red logo took away from the historic purple and gold.

Do you agree?

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