Hilarious Video Of Rapparees’ Padge ‘Skinner’ Walsh Goes Viral

Not often does an Enniscorthy man become a viral sensation, however, yesterday marked a special occasion… 

On Monday, November 20, GAA Wrap uploaded a video of a fan that was clearly engrossed in the game shouldering one of the opposition’s players.

In their Twitter post, they claimed they had “no details” on the eight-second clip but it was “still amazing”. Now though, Wexford Weekly can confirm that the man who famously shouldered the opposition player was in fact, Enniscorthy’s Padge Walsh.

The game was a charity game played in Bellefield in Enniscorthy, between the Starlights footballers (orange & yellow jerseys) and the Rapparees hurlers (green & red jerseys). For those who are unaware, both of these teams play under the same club, Rapparees-Starlights GAA club.

The player that received the powerful, unexpected shoulder from “Skinner” Walsh was Ronan Furlong, and despite what it looks like, the shoulder was given in a light-hearted humorous manner.

In less than 24 hours, the video was viewed over 900,000 times on various social media platforms on a number of different sports accounts.


Wexford Weekly 

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