Number Of Wexford People That Died From Covid-19 Now Revealed

We did mention that we wouldn’t be reporting on the coronavirus anymore

However, we do feel that these updates will be of interest to the Wexford public. A new map released by the Department of Health today shows the exact locations of all the 216 confirmed cases of the coronavirus across Wexford.

The Department of Health’s GeoHive map, which was published just recently, provides a breakdown of the confirmed cases in the local area. Once you click on the map, you can scroll down and view the map and the number of coronavirus cases registered in each area of Wexford.

In another important update, Wexford Weekly can now confirm the number of Wexford people who sadly passed away after contracting the deadly Covid-19 virus.

Unfortunately, the number of Wexford people that died from Covid-19 is eighteen. The median age of those that unfortunately lost their lives to the virus is 76.

This information was released recently by the Central Statistics Office and is available here. The figures are up to and including Friday June 12th and the data under ‘Figure 5.1’ shows a break-down of 1705 deaths nationwide. Following on from that data since June 12th, an additional 15 people have died, bringing the total number of deaths in the Republic of Ireland to 1720 people.

Of the 216 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Wexford, the median age of those who contracted the virus is 49.

As a community, we must remember that this virus still exists in the community. At Wexford Weekly, we extend our deepest sympathies to the families affected.


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