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Poll: Do You Want Davy Fitzgerald To Stay On As Wexford Hurling Manager?

Wexford were knocked out of the All-Ireland hurling championship this afternoon by Clare..

Clare defeated the Yellowbellies on a scoreline of 1-21 to 0-17. It followed a disappointing loss to Galway in the Leinster semi-final.

Wexford manager Davy Fitzgerald has one more year remaining with Wexford after he had a two-year term ratified in October 2019. Banner-man Davy Fitzgerald has revealed that the Wexford players want him to stay on for another year at least.

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After the success and the progress from 2019, it was undoubtedly a disappointing year for Wexford. As Wexford supporters, we mustn’t be too quick to forget the highs of 2019.

Under Fitzgerald, Wexford won their first Leinster hurling title since 2004, while we also remain in the top division of the National Hurling League.

We’ve created a poll, asking the public to simply vote YES or NO, with the question ‘Do you want Davy Fitzgerald to stay on as Wexford hurling manager?’

Do you want Davy Fitzgerald to stay on for another year?
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Of course, a poll will not decide whether Fitzgerald will be the Wexford hurling manager next year or not, however, it will give an insight into the views and thoughts of Wexford supporters.

For those voting ‘no’, perhaps, it’s also worth thinking ‘who could replace Davy Fitzgerald?’…

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