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The Five Best Places To Get A Take-Away Coffee In Wexford This Christmas

Wexford woman Sarah Berney from The Hungry Nugget runs through her favourite take-away coffee spots across Wexford…

I don’t know about you guys, but right now my weekend routine looks a lot like: “coffee – walk – eat – repeat”. Going for a takeaway coffee has become the highlight of lockdown life.

Luckily for us, the Wexford coffee scene is absolutely hopping and we have no shortage of options. Whether you need 1) a caffeine hit, or 2) a reason to get out of the house, here are five great spots to get a takeaway coffee in Wexford.

The Trough

Kilmore sibling power-duo Conor and Lesley Bates’ coffee trailer has shaken up the Wexford coffee scene in the seven short months since its opening. With excellent coffee, great tunes, and a mouthwatering selection of treats from local suppliers such as Lolu Bakes, Yola Bakery and Nutorious Nutrition, The Trough is a must try. Bonus points for wonderfully friendly staff.

Location: Kerlogue Business Park

(A chocolate ganache filled croissant from The Trough)

Westgate Design

A well-established player in the Wexford coffee leagues, Westgate’s delicious brews have earned it a stellar reputation. There’s always a tempting selection of healthy treats by the till, and on sunny days you can’t go wrong with one of their iced coffees and a pump of caramel syrup. Westgate’s only flaw is that it’s not open on weekends right now, but it is an ideal spot to get your midweek caffeine fix.

Location: North Main Street, Wexford

The Shack at Sinnott’s

A shipping container decked out with fairy lights, The Shack has unsurprisingly built a loyal fan base over the past few months. With freshly brewed coffee and a fine array of crepes, waffles and toasties on offer, jumpstart your weekend with coffee and a bite to eat before heading to the quay for a stroll. I recommend the Shack Special toastie.

Location: Sinnott’s Bar, Distillery Road

(The Shack at Sinnotts)

Stable Diet

Stable Diet not only supplies supermarkets and independent stores across the country with delicious handmade treats, but also operates a small café in Wexford. Here, you can find a plethora of delicious baked goods, tasty lunch options, and, of course, some of the best coffee in Wexford town.

Location: South Main Street, Wexford

Lemon and Lime (formerly The Rollin Bean)

What’s better than coffee? A coffee accompanied by a crepe loaded with kinder bueno sauce and kinder bueno bars, that’s what. With six different flavours of hot chocolates (including “The Millionaire”: cream, toffee fudge pieces, crushed biscuits and caramel toffee sauce) and more crepe and waffles options than you could shake a stick at, The Rollin Bean will satisfy any sweet tooth.

In October 2021, The Rollin Bean made the decision to close the hatch on the Rollin Bean for the final time. While the ‘shack’ may be closed, they have started a new coffee venture, with a premises now open in Wellington Bridge called ‘Lemon and Lime’.

New Location: Wellington Bridge, Wexford

(The Kinder Surprise crepe from The Rollin Bean)

Other places across County Wexford that produce a tasty and hard-hitting coffee that deserve a mention include Sue’s Coffee in Kilmore, the newly-opened Caféin in Kilanerin, and The Swan Bar in the Faythe.

This article was written by wexford woman, Sarah Berney, in March 2021. Sarah runs a popular Instagram page where she regularly updates her followers with both healthy and delicious treats that too often whet the appetite. Go give her account a follow for more updates.

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  1. FIKAbyDaniel,coffee is out of this world..!!!!
    Go there everyday for a coffee and a chat,lovely man who owns it

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