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Restaurant In Gorey Not Opening Until “All Can Dine At [Their] Table”

A popular restaurant in Gorey has issued a short statement, but it seems to be one that has gathered a lot of respect online..

After Covid-19 and the resulting closure of many businesses, indoor dining and hospitality is set to resume next Monday, July 26th.

Situated in Gorey town, Co. Wexford, Eco Pizzeria and Restaurant is one of the most popular and busiest restaurants in Gorey town — but they will not be reopening to the public just yet.

Eco Pizzeria and Restaurant, located at the top of Gorey town, has stated that they are not “prepared to re-open until all can dine at (their) table.”

The statement comes as the Irish Government introduced a law which requires customers wishing to dine indoors to first show proof of their Covid-19 vaccination via the QR code on their Digital Covid-19 Vaccination certificate.

Many have labelled the proposed law as discriminatory against those who do not wish to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Eco restaurant specialise in a wide variety of international dishes including a selection of Italian, Asian and Mexican menu choices along with delicious home made gourmet burgers and prime beef steaks.

The popular restaurant remains open for take-away service. Those wishing to order from Eco Pizzeria and Restaurant can do so via their online system.

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