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Story About Wexford’s Tadhg Furlong As 10-Year-Old Goes Viral

It’s not often that a positive story about a Wexford-man goes viral..

Irish and international rugby star, Tadhg Furlong, is the latest Wexford person to go viral after an article about him has resurfaced online.

The article highlighted Furlong’s hopes and dreams for the future, his interests, along with a comment from his coach.

The article was shared to Twitter by Rugby Players Ireland and it has gathered a lot of positive attention.

The full article reads as follows:

“Tadhg has been playing rugby with New Ross since the tender age of five. When it comes to sport rugby has always been his first love. In fact one could say he learned to tackle before he learned to walk.”

“Anyone at the receiving end of one of his tackles (including his mother) will testify to its ferocity.”

“He plays with Horeswood GAA club.”

“Last year, when playing U10 hurling, his team won the Caulfield Hurling Shield. The same team also picked two shields and a cup in football. He plays fullback on the football team where very little gets past him.”

“Apart from sports he likes to play cards, draughts, draw and of course his PlayStation.”

“His ambition is to play rugby for Ireland. Current Irish players he admires are Keith Wood and Brian O’Driscoll. He has a special liking for the All Blacks, and has in the past egged his team mates on with his version of the . He thinks Budda and Sean Furlong do a good job for Ross firsts.”

“Perhaps his Christmas wish list will give some idea of his sporting interests, it included a Wexford jersey, an Irish soccer jersey and an All Blacks jersey (he already has an Irish jersey).

“Coaches comments: Already a veteran at this stage. The first name to go down on the team sheet each week. Absolutely fearless, a devastating tackler. Has a very promising future and the potential to go to the top. Keeps coaches on their toes as sometimes they can’t keep up with him.”

It’s great to read about Furlong’s time in school, his love of rugby from a young age, and about his time playing with Horsewood GAA Club and we are delighted that this article has re-surfaced. It just goes to show that dreams can come true with some hard work, drive, and commitment.

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