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Courtown Development: Watch Video Released Of Plans For Luxury Hotel

Remember the article we published last year about the proposed plans for Courtown…

Well, it looks like those plans are starting to come to fruition as plans for the Bayview Hotel in Courtown have been released to the public following the old hotel’s successful destruction.

Pic via Courtown Revival (Facebook)

A video of the plans for a luxurious hotel in Courtown has been released.

It ties in with some of the initial ideas from back in 2020, but the new video footage does showcase a brand-new and revitalised Courtown.

The footage was released by renowned architect Fergus Flanagan.

Plans for the Bayview Hotel in Courtown, Wexford, Ireland

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3 Replies to “Courtown Development: Watch Video Released Of Plans For Luxury Hotel”

  1. Sorry I can’t go due to my disability but with you in spirit 🍀 I have only found out about it good luck today 👍👍👍👍👍🍀❤️

  2. It is not in keeping with the area. Too big! Will dominate the quay side, don’t do it!!!

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