Area In Wexford Records Highest Rainfall In 80 Years

An area in Wexford has recorded the highest rainfall in over 80 years…

The highest daily rainfall total for 80 years was recorded at a southern Met Eireann station on Christmas Day, according to new figures released by Irish National Meteorological Service, Met Eireann.

It occurred on Christmas Day, 2021, at Johnstown Castle, Co Wexford.

As per the report, 58.9mm of rainfall was recorded at the Wexford location.

It is the most since the records started, back in 1941, according to the report.

On Christmas Day 2021, most of Wexford experienced unforgettable floods. Bridgetown was badly impacted, bridges across Wexford started to collapse, while the Enniscorthy river-banks burst once again.

It left a lot of damage to the county, residents, and businesses.

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