Here’s When The New Floodlights In Wexford Park Will Be Operating

A major development will be coming to Wexford Park – and it’s not too long away…

During the summer of 2020, Wexford GAA submitted an application to the County Council.

Wexford GAA submitted an application for floodlights to be placed around the County grounds. A Wexford Park with floodlights would also open up a potential avenue for evening Allianz League fixtures to be played at the grounds.

In December 2021, it then emerged that the application has been successful and now – the project is beginning to come to life as the tender has been secured.

Looking ahead to the future, Wexford GAA envisage that the floodlights will be up and operating in time for Wexford’s opening Allianz League fixtures at the grounds.

The Allianz League is due to commence in January 2023, less than three months away at the time of writing.

At a recent Wexford GAA County Board meeting, the news, along with the plan of action, was confirmed:

“The tender for the floodlights has been agreed with the enablement work, concourse lighting and erection of floodlights to be completed in time for the first floodlit game in Chadwicks Wexford Park in January 2023,” a spokesperson said.

It’s great to see the county grounds undergoing development and no doubt the floodlights will bring a unique atmosphere to the Park.

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