Oulart-The Ballagh And Naomh Marróg To Be Given Sanctions Following Sideline Brawl

Oulart-The Ballagh were out in the Leinster Intermediate Club Hurling Championship on Saturday…

They took on Naomh Barróg of Dublin, in Parnell Park.

Oulart-The Ballagh and Naomh Barrog (Dublin) could not be separated at the full-time whistle today in the Intermediate Leinster Hurling Championship. Extra-time ensued, but the sides could not be separated again.

It went to penalties and Oulart-The Ballagh were knocked out. Noamh Barróg scored three penalties, while Oulart scored two. A horrible way to go out.

One of the major talking points from the game was the ‘fight’ that broke out between two sides, which seemed to include both players and fans.

The video was shared widely across social media.

Following the release of the referee’s report, there will be a Leinster Council meeting which will likely then lead into a further investigation on the matter.

Speaking to RTE, Leinster GAA chairman Pat Teehan said:

“We play hundreds of games every weekend in a spirit of enjoyment for both players and spectators and unfortunately we get isolated incidents which are rightly highlighted in the media and elsewhere, because they have no place in our games.”

Teehan also stated that there are a number of sanctions that could be handed out following an incident like this.

Although some melees can break out, there is no place for this behaviour in our national games.

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