Wexford DJ Goes Live From His Shed In An Effort To Keep The Spirits High During Pandemic

A Wexford DJ has built a strong online audience after some of his recent performances…

Cian Fitzgerald-Byrne, or DJ Ciano as he’s known, hasn’t been dj’ing in nightclubs or at parties since the Coronavirus hit Ireland.

That hasn’t stopped him from entertaining the masses though.

Through his Facebook page, DJ Ciano has been going live, requesting songs, and giving specific shout-outs to people commenting on his live stream. Not just that, but the Camolin native is also helping with raising funds for various local charities, as he’s not requesting a fee – but instead, he’s requesting donations in return for his entertainment.

DJ Ciano, who is aged just 18, has become a source of joy for many in the community during such a time of uncertainty. Speaking to Wexford Weekly, Cian said:

“I decided that to lift everyone’s spirits through this tough time. I decided to play music in my back garden; it has went really well and I didn’t think it would get such a reaction online.”

Still at the infancy of his DJ career, DJ Ciano’s ability to catch the attention of the public and to get people talking is to be admired. This is reflected through his social media followers, which have grown rapidly since he started his live shows seven weeks ago.

Check out one of his recent live performances here below:


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