Need A Chop? Your Local Barber & Hairdresser Reopens June 29

June 29th is a day many people are looking forward to…

First it was announced that pubs that serve food can also serve pints on June 29. Then, today, Leo Varadkar revealed that larger public gatherings can occur from the same date.

During the Taoiseach’s announcement at 6:30 this evening, he also noted that contact training can resume, which is great news for GAA players, soccer players, and the sports community as a whole.

Another piece of good news is the fact that we won’t have to go around with dodgy-looking haircuts from June 29.

As reported earlier, Varadkar confirmed that local barbers and hairdressers will reopen their doors on June 29th.

Normality is beginning to resume; on 29 June, one could get their hair cut in the morning, go shoulder their mate during contact training in the evening, and then follow that by having a few sociables in the local pub that also serves food.

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