Wexford TD Believes Price Of Petrol Could Rise To €3.50 Per Litre

A Wexford TD has made an astonishing claim…

An Independent Wexford TD today spoke about the price of petrol and diesel at the pumps.

The price of petrol and diesel is impacting everyone in Ireland right now, with the everyday person feeling the brunt of it.

Speaking to Newstalk, Wexford TD Verona Murphy said that the price is likely to continue to rise, calling on the Government to do something about it.

Speaking to Newstalk today, Verona Murphy said:

“What I have called on the Government to do is to abolish, as a temporary, emergency measure, all excise duties, all taxes and all VAT.”

“That would, in effect, bring the price of fuel on the forecourt today – be it petrol or diesel, which there is very little difference at the moment – to around the €1 or €1.05 mark.”

“You would curb inflation and you would give us a buffer against what experts say the price of a barrel of oil will rise to, which is in the region of about €200 a barrel. That would mean that, without excise, we would be looking at a forecourt price of about €1.50 if we hit the $200 a barrel mark, €1.50 a litre.”

“If we don’t take this measure and Government hasn’t taken any steps to ameliorate that, we will see the price of fuel in the forecourt in the coming weeks ahead, and we are not sure exactly when, rising to about €3.50 per litre,” she told Newstalk.

The Irish Government is under pressure from the public and TD’s alike to act.

Murphy is not the first TD to highlight the Government’s taxation. Last year, Independent Rural TD Richard O’Donoghue criticised the Government’s excessive level of taxation.

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