€2000 Award For Information On Who ‘Fly-Tipped’ Electric Cable Casing In Camolin

A case of ‘fly-tipping’ occurred in Camolin on Thursday evening…

Local community group, ‘Camolin Alive’, shared the news that some people had ‘fly-tipped’ electric cable casing onto the Priest Lane area, just outside of the village recently.

A substantial amount of electric cable casing was dumped in the area.

Electric cables have copper within it. The copper is extracted and then typically sold to scrap yards for a high profit.

Stolen copper is valuable as scrap metal because it can be easily reused to make fibre optics and high value plumbing and electrical parts.

While the copper is valuable, the eclectic casing is not valuable.

The group, run by Camolin residents, stated that they will be putting up a €2000 award for information to bring the culprits to justice.

“Someone must know where this came from, we cannot have this going on or continuing to happen,” they stated.

They stated that this cannot continue to happen and the award could lead to a conviction.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the ‘Camolin Alive’ Facebook page, while it would also be advisable to contact the local Gardaí.

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