The Top 10 Places Across All Of Wexford To Get A Pint Of Guinness

A couple of months ago, The Guinness Guru travelled to Wexford town to test out the best pints around..

And while it was an interesting analysis, we thought that a better analysis would be to ask the Wexford public themselves on a county-wide basis. We put it to the Wexford public, running a poll from August 19th to August 26th.

We asked our followers a very simple question: where can you get the best pint of Guinness in all of Wexford? Over 470 people voted on our public social media poll, and now, the votes are counted and the results are in!

10 – Browne’s Bar & Lounge, Bishopswater

Browne’s Bar is located in the Bishopswater area of Wexford town. It’s loved by many for its authenticity and for the friendly staff in the pub. One major thing that keeps bringing people back though is their beautifully pulled pints of Guinness.

9 – The Island Bar

The Island Bar is located in the heart of Our Lady’s Island, in the Sunny South East in Wexford. Along with serving a nice creamy pint of Guinness, they have great live music most weekends and a tasty lunch menu too. There’s a real homely feel to this pub.

8 – Peg’s Bar, Ballygarret

Peg’s bar is located in the village of Ballygarret. In the comments section of our online poll, one user stated that “there’s no such thing as bad Guinness…there’s good Guinness and then there’s better Guinness.” That’s certainly the case here; only the better pints of Guinness are served in this establishment.

7 – Culleton’s, Kilrane

Culleton’s is a traditional Irish Pub ideally located in the heart of Kilrane. It’s only a moments away from the port in Rosslare. It’s a perfect spot for a few drinks or to grab a bite to eat with family or friends. And what better way to catch up with family and friends than over a few nice creamy Guinness’ from Culleton’s.

6 – O’Briens Inn, Glenbrien

O’Brien’s Inn is a traditional family pub located in Glenbrien, Enniscorthy. They also have a nice outdoor area to enjoy a few creamy ones on a hot summer’s day; according to the locals, there’s nothing better.

5 – The Railway Inn

This is a newly-established family-run bar located in the Baldwinstown area of Wexford. They often have live music events to keep the locals entertained. Although the music is often good, it’s also the perfect environment to just sit down and enjoy a nice pint of their very well pulled pints of Guinness.

4 – The Porter House, Castlebridge

The Porter House is another traditional Irish pub. As with all excellent traditional Irish pubs, one of their best assets is their pints of Guinness. The Porter House is located in the Castlebridge area of Wexford and it’s the go-to for many.

3 – Quigley’s Bar, Kilmore

It’s not the first time that Quigley’s Bar in Kilmore have made their way onto a Wexford Weekly ‘Top 10’ list. In a Wexford Weekly poll last year, the pub was voted as the best pub in all of Wexford. While their pub has excellent amenities which includes a nice outdoor area, one of the best things about the pub is their Guinness.

2 – The White House, Enniscorthy

The White House Bar is the only Enniscorthy town pub to feature on the list which highlights just how highly respected their pints of Guinness are in the town.

1 – T Morris, Wexford town

And there you have it, folks! According to our followers who casted their vote on the Wexford Weekly public poll, T Morris in Wexford town is the go-to place to get a nice pint of Guinness. Along with that, there is always a lively atmosphere in the pub. It seems to have something for everyone, but for Guinness lovers, a pint in their snug is like heaven. From our public poll, T Morris received 78 individual votes, which accounted for approximately 18% of the votes.

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Jason Redmond
Jason Redmond

From Gorey, Jason is the owner of Wexford Weekly. He is also a post-primary English and History teacher.

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3 Replies to “The Top 10 Places Across All Of Wexford To Get A Pint Of Guinness”

  1. Tha first I heard of this aurvey.
    Cannot be relied.on as pubs push their customers to vote for them.
    For me the Poke in Wexford is by far the best pint of Guonness

  2. The island bar our lady’s island Broadway the best pint of black stuff going so creamy you can’t beat it .

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