Remembering Wexford’s Last Big Snow: A Gallery

‘It looked like an apocalyptic scene out of The Day After Tomorrow’ –Wexford Town local and amateur photographer Ian Kelly reflecting on the photos he took during Wexford’s last big snow in 2018… 

With temperatures plummeting over the past few weeks, many have speculated on the odds of Wexford being hit with a wave of snow. Naturally, the possibility of another snow day invokes nostalgia in the community. 

Over four years ago, what should’ve been the beginning of Spring turned into a blanket of snow that would’ve been more fitting for a white Christmas. On the 28th of February 2018, the island of Ireland was hit by the deep depression that was Storm Emma. The storm would last in Ireland for several days before finally passing on the 4th of March. 

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Wexford Quay

Many people remained close to home during this blistering cold. Some, however, used the opportunity to explore this white Wexford. One such person was Ian Kelly, a Wexford Town local and amateur photographer, who walked around the town to take photographs. 

We caught up with him this week to discuss some of the best photographs he took of these incredible sights. 

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North Main Street, Wexford Town

‘I was going down the town and saw how deep the snow was. It was getting above knee level and it looked like an apocalyptic scene out of The Day After Tomorrow. Then I made my way up to my grandmother’s house and by then it was waist-deep.’

When asked about the odds of snow this or early next year, Ian speculated that it was likely we would get at least a small amount and pointed out that we have already seen snow in other parts of the country in the past couple of weeks. 

A snowy John Barry overlooking Wexford’s Crescent Quay

Reflecting on his favourite moments from this period of snow, Ian recalled a large snowball fight outside The Sky and the Ground on South Main Street as a particular highlight. 

Other notable moments he recalls include dump trucks dropping snow into the harbour and the water in front of the John Barry statue being frozen almost solid. ‘You could nearly have walked across it but I wouldn’t have tried it myself’, he laughs. 

Ian’s photographs were among those posted by the Wexford People in a post that showcased different locals’ experiences of the snow.

Wexford Bridge

The level of cold and disruption that snow can bring will make it an unwelcome sight for many should it arrive in Wexford again. Looking back though, it is hard to dispute the beauty of a snow-covered Wexford quay.

What are your favourite moments from the last big snow? Do you have any photographs you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comment section.

No photo description available.
Ian during the 2018 snow
Luke Bradley
Luke Bradley

Luke is a student and a lover of all things Wexford. His favourite topics include Wexford history, entertainment and local events. 

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