The Top 5 best mindfulness and relaxation spots around the Bunclody area in Wexford

There are many beautiful spots around Bunclody in County Wexford that can help with your mindfulness…

Here, Wexford Weekly writer Bryon Jones walks us through his best mindfulness spots around the local area.

1) Ballycrystal Valley, Ballycrystal, Bunclody

Well, where to start!? Firstly, enjoy the lovely forest drive at the start of the Valley with trees on either side of you which gives you a cool experience.

At the end of this wooded section of the road, there is a wonderful clearing. Find anywhere you can to park and just take in the Incredible view before you! Straight in front of you with its mast atop is the spectacular view of Mount Leinster from a glorious angle you’ve never seen her from before. It’s a simply stunning vista of Wexford’s highest Mountain at 796 metres.

To your right and above you is part of the Black Rock Mountain ridge going all the way to Mount Leinster at 599 metres and higher. This heads south to Stoolyen Mountain and into the Clorouge Mhór and Béag hills.

Drive most of the way down the road and park anywhere near the farmstead. You can walk back along the way to take the Valley. This Valley is, in my opinion, the most spectacular and beautiful in the whole of County Wexford and can rival scenes anywhere in Ireland, there’s even some cutie black-faced mountain sheep to be seen. It’ll be an amazing trip for you and your mindfulness.

If you feel like it, you can climb Cloroge beg Hill, The Dwyer family are fine with people continuing along the lane beyond the house. When you get to an abandoned ruin called Hughes’ Walls make a b line for the Cloroge Beg hill E/SE of your current position.

The hilltop is at 52.597282, – 6.750891 on Google Maps, and please hike only after prolonged dry weather. The parking spot near Dwyer’s at a forest entrance is on Google Maps at 52.609270, -6.757241.

2) Booleycreen bridge, Booleycreen, Bunclody

Booleycreen Bridge is a beautiful spot on the River Clody, just outside Bunclody Town. The bridge is nice and quiet with few cars using the road so you will have time to chill out for yourself riverside.

Stunning views of the Clody River underneath you to your east and west will leave you at ease and in awe of its beauty while the gentle flows of the river add to your sense of relaxation. This section of the Clody is wonderfully wooded and the Autumn scenes are lovely at the moment.

The parking spot is on Google Maps at 52.638070, -6.676314.

3) Craan Bridge, Craan, Bunclody

Craan Bridge hosts another lovely spot on an infant River Clody as it winds it’s through the Valley underneath Mount Leinster.

The area boasts wonderful views of the northern Shoulder of Wexford’s highest peak at the Black Banks ridge. The area is nicely forested and has a beautiful field beside the car park area that lights up in the sunshine.

The gentle waters of the Clody River in such surroundings have a very calming effect. Why not stroll through the forest beside the parking area to add to the sense of freedom and a bit of quality time out for yourself if the weather has dictated otherwise a stroll riverside along the road and right down the middle of a forest is an amazing experience, and it’s very beautiful.

The car parking spot is on Google Maps at 52.642284, – 6.729094

4) Skynelanagh Windfarm

This is a bit of a break from what Mindfulness spots I normally talk about, but I love the relaxation qualities of these relatively modern engineering masterpieces in the Blackstairs region.

I think personally that the wind farms here at Skynelanagh and across Wexford can have a soothing effect on people. Firstly the magnificence of the structure is inspiring and its usefulness in climate change is encouraging but the gentle swooping of the blades and the slow motion of the blades are quite lovely. There’s something quite majestic about it.

Park up and just take on the Windfarm trackway and walk straight up the slow incline of the lane and continue till you reach the turbine first left or first right and pick any spot you want to sit down and relax and enjoy.

The car parking spot is on Google Maps at 52.568420, -6.695851.

5) Kilrush Village, Kilrush Bunclody

I came across a lovely little quiet road away from the charming yet busy streets of Bunclody near Kilrush Village.

This calming walk starts at Kilrush Catholic church car park and down past Codd’s pub and the Protestant church, keep going straight ignoring the road to the left and then right the crossroads, onto the t-junction coming back on yourself to Kilrush and your car.

This is a beautiful rural road for a cycle or walk with fresh country air, good views of Gibbet Hill and the rolling countryside around you and would be best walked in Autumn for leaves and berry picking or in summer for sunshine and the beautiful wheat and barley crops. All in all, it’s a lovely walk.

The car park is located at the Catholic Church. The Google Maps location is 52.640088, -6.577443.

While you’re here, why not check out our best mindfulness spots around Gorey and the Enniscorthy district.

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