Top Five Best Places For Your Mindfulness Around The Gorey Area

In this article, we look at some of the best Gorey District Beauty spots which are also good for the head…

5) Croghan Mountain, Barrack Croghan, Ballyfad. 

Croghan Mountain summit is an exceptional place to chill out and view the gorgeous surrounding countryside in all directions. Start your ascent at the White heaps car park and head along the trail at your first major junction which is a fork in the forest track, and take the right-hand option. 

Now, as you walk on further ignore one forest track to the substation, one track to the turbine and one forest trail all to your left within 50-odd metres of each other and then take the last bend to the left and follow it up the trail and the slope. There will be a right-hand track and left-hand track to wind turbines ignore both and now you have a choice between a track to the right to a turbine and a smaller older-looking track straight ahead, choose the straight-ahead option and then veer slightly right before taking a sharp left!

Then just continue on this trail to the stile. Cross over and now the walk becomes so, so beautiful. This is now lovely open bog land with lovely heather and white bog cotton in summer months amongst other Mountain flowers. Views south to the entirety of county Wexford and to half of the county Wicklow to the North will astound you. Push on up to the summit where my God the scenery and views are incredible. South to Wexford Harbour and Forth Mountain, West to the Blackstairs and Slievenamon even, North to Lugnaquilla, Leinster’s highest Mountains and the rest of the incredible Wicklow upland landscape and East to the Irish Sea this is one of the most beautiful places in County Wexford to soak in everything that surrounds you.

With animals, birds, flowers, hills, sun, sky and scenes Croghan Mountain summit has it all. I believe the Mountain is in a way spiritually uplifting to the people of North Wexford as it provides us with aesthetic beauty and a real go-to popular walk.

In terms of mindfulness, I always trek a few metres down from the summit on the Wexford (south) side and find myself a comfy spot. There you can chill in the sun on the grass and enjoy the amazing views. It is a great way to take a bit of time for yourself and relax. Croghan Mountain car park is located at 52.781919, -6.292037 on Google Maps.

4) The River Bann at Island bridge, Island middle, Craanford. 

The River Bann is a major river in County Wexford spanning 42 kilometres from Croghan Mountain to the River Slaney. Here at Island, the River Bann enters a gorgeous little Valley with lush meadows and forests on its Eastern bank. For relaxation purposes and an area of outstanding natural beauty, this stretch of the Bann really is amazing and lifts the spirits. On a

sunny day be it in winter or summer the River glistens in the sunshine and the meadow and forest to the southeast really shine brightly adding to the sense of a really chilled-out spot. I usually sit on the bridge wall right over the middle of the bridge (would definitely not recommend it), however, traffic is so infrequent that you could probably find a bit of time to stand at the bridge wall and admire the view downriver. Then I would suggest heading onto the riverside past the gate beside the parking place. This will give you a safe spot to hang out, take in the sun, listen to the calming water and maybe spot the likes of an Egret, Brown trout or Coot which I have seen in this section of the river. This is a powerful spot to re-energise yourself in mind, body and soul. The island is amazing for a visit for an afternoon, it’s just gorgeous. The location for Car parking is found at 52.659356, -6.382480 on google maps

3) Kilgorman Beach, Kilgorman, Castletown. 

Kilgorman is an absolutely stunning beach just south of Castletown. 

The beach stretches for almost a kilometre, which provides you with a lovely long walk in the sun. The length of the walk gives you a real chance to unwind and recuperate and just simply enjoy yourself in the gorgeous surroundings. The beach is really wide if you get it at low tide and it is end-to-end beautiful Golden sand, a proper Wexford beach. The south end of the beach tends to be less crowded and it’s here before the rocks that a few moments of chill-out time sitting on the comfy sands of Kilgorman beach really works a trick.

I find the movement of water so relaxing and I often take a while to close my eyes and listen which adds great value to a sense of great peace and tranquillity. The beach is a fabulous beauty spot and the views out to sea and along the sandy coast are glorious. If you are here in the summertime, definitely have a dip in the sea, it will be really rejuvenating. 

The car park at Kilgorman beach is located at 52.708455, -6.176767 on google maps

2) The River Bann at Margerry’s Bridge, Glandoran, Craanford. 

The River Bann here is so very peaceful and calming here at Margerry’s bridge, I love coming down to this area and chilling out for half an hour or so. 

It’s in a very rural setting here with little in the way of cars to disturb you. Head down the small track to the river bank. I would recommend bringing a camping chair to sit on, riverside. It’s a really sweet location, with the beautiful character of the centuries-old ivy-clad stone bridge, the waters of the River Bann trickling by and looking on at the lovely wood on the far side. I have seen brown trout and a kingfisher on the section of the Bann.

On extremely hot days when I know there will be a big crowd at the beach and I do not feel that vibe, I sometimes have a nice cooling dip in a pool of the river beside the bridge. It’s simply lovely down here and you’ll feel much better for switching off down here. I always feel so at peace here. A spot for parking at Margerry’s bridge is located at approx 52.674061, -6.352775 on google maps.

1) Pollshone beach, Pollshone, near Ardamine. 

Pollshone beach is a small and intimate beach on Wexford’s coast just a few kilometres south of Courtown. I believe the beach to be a really great spot to relax and chill out as frequently you will be the only person on the beach or one of the very few people. Despite being a small beach you will have plenty of sandy beach to yourself. The beach is in its own small bay, which gives the added vibes of being away from the fuss of the modern-day World.

The beach has lovely views stretching North to the beautiful Tara hill, east far out to sea, where you can just relax yourself to the gorgeousness of the open Sea and South-east to the striking headland. I’m not really a breathing exercise or meditation person but if you are, this would be a great place to spend a half hour or so. For others like myself, the location it’s what is all about and the calming sounds of the sea’s gentle waves and the sunny vista are what is important for me and my mindset. Pollshone Car Park is located at 52.617745, -6.227114 on google maps

Byron Jones

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