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New Data Suggests That Wexford Really Is The ‘Sunniest’ County In Ireland

New data has suggested that we really are the Sunny South East…

New data suggests that Wexford is the ‘sunniest’ county in all of Ireland.

As per the data compiled onto an Excel sheet by Michael Brennan of Active Iron, Wexford is the sunniest county in Ireland with 1600 annual sunshine hours.

In second place is our neighbours, Waterford (with 1580 annual sunshine hours) and Carlow with 1540 annual sunshine hours.

As per the new data, Mayo is the least sunny county in Ireland with 1059 hours of sunshine annually.

In comparison with our European counterparts, Wexford is just as sunny as Amsterdam in the Netherlands, however, most other cities are sunnier.

We’re lucky to be from Wexford and the Sunny South East!

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